Words that describe buildings or rooms and parts of buildings

some comprehensive list of synonyms that are used to describe buildings. Click the link below


Presenting your design ideas

As a student we tend to face challenges when it comes to presenting our design ideas. We get nervous, talk in a low tone etc.It’s normal and theirs no need to panic. Here are some tips to guide you as a student and later in the professional field.


Graphic communication (why we draw)

Graphics is a method we use to communicate and portray our ideas to the audience . Below are links which enlighten you more about graphic communication.

Low cost housing using EPS Technology (Fast and Easy)

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an innovative building material that lends to the design and structural integrity of many building projects. Since the 1950s, EPS has been recognized as a mainstream insulation material, however over the past decade, new applications have rapidly developed. Now, EPS is a powerful design element and an ideal choice for green building design, offering tangible environmental advantages that can maximize energy efficiency, providing improved indoor environmental quality and enhancing durability. It is always affordable and fast. The links below will provide you with more information.

Fast & Easy — Build a house in 14 Days with IRIS…:

Cheaper building technology launched in Kenya:

Landscaping a sloped or steep site


Landscape design of a steep or sloped site can be quite challenging. It is rare when designing a project that you are conferred with a entirely flat site;  why would you want to design on a flat site? Using a sloping terrain can often lead to innovative landscaping ideas and beautiful designs. A sloped site provides you with  several opportunities and options to create views,level difference and distinctive zones.

Tiny House Of 22 Square Meters That You Can Take Anywhere With Yourself — ChinGum

It is a version “country house” mobile homes known here is the Alpha Tiny Home . A mobile living space measuring about 22 square meters with everything needed to live a comfortable life in the middle of nowhere. Well, it’s been a dream but it is time to return to earth, because the price is pretty amazing: 95 000 dollars (about € 83,000). The luxury mobile is not within the reach of everyone. This house is very interesting for those who are interested in similar style housing, which offers many advantages.

via Tiny House Of 22 Square Meters That You Can Take Anywhere With Yourself — ChinGum

New Survey Confirms Architecture as Most Time Consuming Major

Yale Art + Architecture Building / Paul Rudolph + Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects. Image Courtesy of gwathmey siegel & associates architects Architecture students have long groaned (or bragged) about the long hours and all-night work sessions demanded by their chosen major. Surely, we’ve all thought, no other major must be working this hard –…

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